Garage Door Styles & Brands
Types of Garage Doors


Garage doors may look similar in appearance and have similar function, but there are distinct types due to the needs of residents and the brands that manufacture them.

garage door styles in vancouver WA camas battle ground and hazel dell washington by Knecht Ace Overhead DoorsDifferent doors may have different shapes, functions, aesthetic looks, windows, durability, resistance to weather, protection again the sun and so on. This is why understanding the differing qualities of various garage doors will empower customers to make an informed decision when choosing a new garage door.

Let’s explore some of the more popular garage door brands and garage door types.

Popular Garage Door Brands

There are many factors related to the actual brand of garage door. They will have certain qualities that certain residents will find more useful.

  1. Amarr, for example, maintains a general selection of carriage and overhead garage doors. They also have specialty doors like the Amarr Vista line, which look markedly more modern than traditional garage doors.
  2. C.H.I. Overhead Doors contrasts this by offering everything from a standard selection of garage doors to commercial doors designed to be more durable. They even allow you to create a door from a picture, which allows you to have the greatest degree in choice when choosing garage door styles.
  3. Other garage door brands include: Clopay, Genie, NorthWest, Sears, and Wayne-Dalton.

Each of these garage doors brands have unique garage door styles, which makes it possible to choose a garage door that matches almost any home.

Types of Garage Doors

There are three major types of garage doors:

  • The most familiar is the overhead, contemporary garage door that “rolls” up. These doors are typically manufactured from wood, steel or aluminum. They are designed to be convenient and durable, but they may not be the best aesthetic match for certain homes.
  • Carriage doors are similar to barn doors. They swing outwards to allow cars and people to enter and leave a garage. These are typically made of wood, but they can be made from aluminum or steel for heightened durability.
  • Raised panel garage doors can tend to be a more stylistic overhead door rather than a separate type of garage door types. As one of the more luxurious garage door styles, this allows for a garage door to add significantly more aesthetic value to a home.

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