Garage Door Spring Repair


Garage door springs represent some of the most important components in a garage door. They help to facilitate the smooth opening and closing of garage doors, which is essential in both manual and automatic garage door setups. The problem is that these springs are not infallible. They must regularly be maintained to ensure that they work exactly as they should.

garage door spring repair in Camas WA Vancouver Washougal Battle Ground and Hazel Dell Washington by Knecht Ace Overhead DoorsGiven the fact that springs are under a large amount of tension, it’s best to have garage door spring repair done by a professional. This is where our torsion and extension spring replacement service comes in handy for our customers.

Garage Door Springs Repair

Springs in a garage door must constantly undergo changes in tension as they are used. This means that different loads are placed upon each spring as the garage door is opened and closed, which in turn eventually leads to the springs losing the ability to act as strong springs.

When these springs are adjusted correctly, these imperfections can be controlled to extend the life to the springs.

Even with the most careful maintenance, torsion and extension spring replacement will eventually become a necessity. This may be advantageous in the event that the customer chooses to install a different garage door or an automatic garage door opener.

Do Your Garage Door Springs Need to be Replaced?

Certain garage door problems can be solved by garage door spring repair. These problems tend to align with alignment on the garage door track, and how the door opens and closes.

Some of the symptoms of spring-related problems include:

  • Doors not opening and closing smoothly.
  • Garage doors remaining “stuck” open or closed.
  • Bouncing that can lead to bent tracks.
  • Door bottoms remaining open on one side.
  • Doors that close all the way, then open partially.
  • Doors that won’t stay open.

Other problems can be related to situations where torsion and extension spring replacement is ideal, but these situations should always be diagnosed by a professional.

Safe and Effective Garage Door Spring Repair

Knecht Ace Overhead Doors excels at providing garage door spring repair. We have the tools, the knowledge, and the commitment to our customers required to create effective and cost-efficient solutions that facilitate the proper function of garage doors.

It is worth noting that garage door springs should always be repaired by a capable professional. The tension these springs are under can be incredibly dangerous, which is why we take every precaution when performing garage door spring repair.

To learn more about what makes our services unique, or to schedule an appointment for an estimate or repair, contact Knecht Ace Overhead Doors at (360) 980-1503.