Garage Door Weather Seal Replacement


Garage door weather stripping acts as a barrier to keep the outside elements from the inside of your home while keeping the comfortable air inside. This benefits your comfort, increases your home’s energy efficiency, and even helps to control the likelihood of pests infesting your home.

Garage Door Weather Seal Replacement in Camas WA Vancouver Washougal Battle Ground and Hazel Dell Washington by Knecht Ace Overhead Doors

The problem is that even the best nylon and polypropylene brush seals will inevitably fail. Nothing can perpetually withstand the test of weather and time. This is why garage door weather seal replacement is one of the most valuable services that anyone with a garage door can request.

Knecht Ace Overhead Doors specializes in providing a wide range of garage door services, which includes top and bottom garage door weather seal replacement.

When Should You Consider Replacing Your Garage Door Seals?

Knowing when it’s time to replace your garage door seals is almost as important as doing so. The problem is that the signs of a malfunctioning or failing garage door seal may be hard to spot for anyone who isn’t a professional.

Some of the more apparent signs that it’s time to replace a garage door seal include:

  • Cracks in the seals
  • A loss of pliability in the material
  • Air leaks
  • Warping in the seals
  • Increased energy costs for heating and air
  • Garages that are colder or hotter than they should be
  • Infestations of roaches, ants or larger animals

While these signs may seem readily apparent, they are not always easy to detect. The top of garage door weather stripping may display these problems, but they may do so in a way that is easy to miss. Just one point of failure in a seal can result in compromised air retention and blocking, which in turn can lead to grievous problems.

Trust Us for your Garage Door Weather Seal Replacement

When it comes to garage door weather seals, the last thing you want to do is leave them up to chance. Just one small problem can lead to large energy bills, persistent pest problems and a garage that is less comfortable than it should be.

Trust Knecht Ace Overhead Doors when you need your garage door weather seals replaced

We specialize in garage door weather stripping replacement, which includes both the top and bottom seals. We can also tune up your garage door and repair any defects, which in turn can allow you to have a more usable, more efficient and more beautiful garage.

For more information on garage door weather seal replacement or to schedule a consultation, call Knecht Ace Overhead Doors at (360) 980-1503.