Garage Door Cable Repair


Garage door cables and their drive motors are the two main components responsible for opening and closing a garage door. They enable easy and effortless movement of the door, which is imperative in electric garage door systems.

residential garage door cable repair in Vancouver WA Camas Battle Ground and Hazel Dell WA by Knecht Ace Overhead DoorsWhile these cables are designed to be incredibly robust and durable, they will eventually experience issues due to regular use of the garage door. Even the tension that is placed upon these cables can lead to stress, which in turn leads to the need for garage door cable repair.

Our company excels in providing cable and belt or chain drive unit repair to our customers. We follow every manufacturer guideline while utilizing our own wealth of wisdom to ensure safe and efficient operation of any garage doors we repair.

Understanding How Garage Door Cables Work

Garage door cables are the components that help to move the garage door up and down. They move in a circular fashion to pull the door in one direction of the other while sliding along the garage door tracks.

Chain cables are likely the most robust, but they do experience problems and failures. Individual links may break, which in turn may require an expert’s help to repair.

Belts are less durable but more quiet than chain units. These tend to stretch and wear as time passes, which in turn leads to decreased performance and certain problems.

The motors of these units are what facilitate the movement of the door. Like any moving part, they experience wear and tear. This is why we offer belt or chain drive unit repair services, as we can both maintain existing units while repairing parts that have experienced damage.

Problems Caused by Broken Garage Door Cables

Problematic garage door cables and motors can cause a long list of problems with garage doors. Everything from slow-to-close doors and doors that slip while moving to doors that won’t open or close can occur.

This happens because of the integral nature of these cables. Garage door cable repair is the best and most efficient way to solve these issues, and to prevent them from becoming worse.

Garage Door Cable Repair Experts

When it comes to garage door cable repair, we consider ourselves leading experts in the field. We understand the causes of cable problems, and we know how to prevent and repair them.

When it comes to cable and belt or chain drive unit repair, you can trust our company to do it right. Our success hinges upon fulfilling your garage door needs.

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