Bent Garage Door Tracks


Garage door tracks are designed to be as robust, if not more so, than garage doors. They must withstand the routine shifts in weight that come with moving a garage door up and down.

bent garage door track repair and replacement in Vancouver WA camas battle ground and hazel dell washington by Knecht Ace Overhead DoorsDespite their robust and durable nature, they eventually will fail. Bent garage door tracks can result in a door becoming permanently stuck ajar, which in turn can create a long list of hazards. They can also scar a beautiful aluminum garage door, which can require costly repairs.

Our company specializes in repairing vent garage door tracks and broken garage door tracks. We have the tools, knowledge and ability to repair any garage door problems, especially those stemming from a malfunctioning door track.

Symptoms of Bent and Broken Garage Door Tracks

By better knowing the symptoms of a bent or broken track, we feel we can help our customers better identify their garage door problems.

If a garage door displays any of the following problems, it could be related to a bent or broken track:

  • Trouble moving – Movement difficulties stemming from broken garage door tracks tend to develop slowly. Doors may become sluggish at certain heights before becoming completely immobile.
  • Odd noises – When bent garage door tracks occur, the door may slide against metal in ways that it shouldn’t. While this may not produce any readily apparent visible signs, the noises should be easy to hear.
  • Stuck doors – Garage doors may become stuck as the result of bent garage door tracks. This may force residents to force the doors in a permanent closed position.
  • Visible effects on the door – Tracks help garage doors slide up and down in a stable, well defined way. When tracks slide against something they should not, they may dig into the garage door to produce visible effects.

Let the Experts Fix Bent Garage Door Tracks

Knecht Ace Overhead Doors specialize in offering all the repair services a garage door could ever need to function properly and in accordance to a resident’s desires.

We utilize durable parts designed to last year’s when a garage door is maintained properly. Our technicians can fix bent garage door tracks, and replace broken tracks to ensure that garage doors remain functional.

To learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment, contact (360) 980-1503. We will work with you to determine a cost-efficient and effective approach for repairing common garage door issues and maintaining garage doors.