Bent Garage Door Section Replacement


Overhead garage doors have a series of panels designed to “fold” as the door retracts. This allows the door to be firm while closing, but maintaining the ability to roll overhead.

bent garage door panel replacement in vancouver wa camas battle ground hazel dell washington by knecht ace overhead doorsOne of the few drawbacks to this system is that one damaged panel may result in a number of issues. Garage doors might refuse to open, become stuck, or damage other components that will then need to be repaired.

The good news is that repairing a broken garage door panel is easy for our company. We have the experience and ability to purchase new panels designed to match any garage door.

Replacing Bent or Broken Garage Door Panels

The main reason to have a professional perform bent garage door panel replacement revolves around the many problems that just one bent panel can cause.

Bent panels can be a challenge because many of the components in an overhead garage door require precise movements. Bent doors can bend tracks, stretch torsion springs, and ruin belts and motors.

When these parts break down before they reach the age where they would need replacement, the resident loses the use of their garage.

While replacing just one of these components is manageable, replacing multiple is often required when bent panels exist. This happens because the bent panel tends to cause damage to multiple parts of the garage door system.

How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Panel

When a garage door panel is broken, there are two main options that we offer customers:

  1. In the case of a minor to moderate bent panel, we can sometimes repair the panel on-site. This can save customers a considerable amount of money when compared to bent garage door panel replacement.
  2. If the panel is too damaged to be repaired, then we will replace it. Our technicians are some of the best in the industry. We will purchase the panels that match your garage door. If the panel does not match in terms of color, they will treat the panel to make it look perfect.

Our customers trust us for all their garage door repairs, which includes everything from bent garage door panel replacement for broken garage door panels to ensuring that their garage doors are maintained properly.

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