Residential Garage Door Repair Services

Provided by Knecht Ace Overhead Doors

As a full-service garage door maintenance and repair company, Knecht Ace Overhead Doors offers a number of services designed to facilitate for all the needs of our clients.

residential garage door repair contractor in Camas WA Vancouver Washougal Battle Ground and Hazel Dell Washington by Knecht Ace Overhead Doors Garage Door Spring Repair

If your garage door is failing to close properly or takes an extended amount of time to open or close, it is likely that the door’s springs need to be repaired.

bent garage door panel replacement in vancouver wa camas battle ground hazel dell washington by knecht ace overhead doors Bent Door Section Replacement

We can repair structural problems with doors, issues with moving parts and so on. Replacement is generally only required when the door is beyond repair.

bent garage door track repair and replacement in Vancouver WA camas battle ground and hazel dell washington by Knecht Ace Overhead DoorsBent Garage Door Tracks

Failure to properly maintain a garage door, shifts in the foundation of a home and damage to the garage door can result in the door tracks becoming bent.

residential garage door cable repair maintenance in Vancouver WA Camas Battle Ground and Hazel Dell WA by Knecht Ace Overhead DoorsGarage Door Cable Repair

Problems with the garage door cable can prevent the garage door from opening and closing properly. We can repair and replace the cable to enable the garage door to work properly.

noisy garage door silencing in Camas WA Vancouver Washougal Battle Ground and Hazel Dell Washington by Knecht Ace Overhead Doors Noisy Garage Door Silencing

The first inclination with a noisy garage door might be to replace the entire system, but usually that’s not necessary and some routine maintenance can often fix it.

Garage Door Weather Seal Replacement in vancouver wa camas battle ground hazel dell washington by knecht ace overhead doors Garage Door Weather Seal Replacement

Garage door weather stripping acts as a barrier to keep the outside elements from the inside of your home while keeping the comfortable air inside.

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Residential Garage Door Repair

Garage doors represent convenience and security for vehicles, storage and residents. While they are often robust in terms of design, they may fall prey to any number of circumstances where the garage door becomes damaged.

Our garage door repair service aims to fix any flaws that may arise in a garage door, while our garage door maintenance service intends to prevent issues from arising. When our repair services are combined, this helps to ensure that our customers have garage doors that will work flawlessly when our customers need them to work.

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The Importance of Garage Door Repair

Repairing garage doors is essential for a number of reasons, but the most prominent of those reasons regards the usability of the garage door.

By enabling a garage door to be used, the resident acquires a significant amount of security. They can access their property, store their vehicles and property, and have an alternative means of entering and leaving the property.

Another reason to repair garage doors is to prevent further damage. A broken garage door railing, for example, may lead to a garage door becoming stuck. Water and physical damage can occur over time, which in turn may require the entire door to be replaced.

The last major reason to repair and maintain garage doors revolves around keeping the garage door in a pristine state. This enables a door to be retrofitted with new features and equipment, which in turn preserves the aesthetics of the existing garage door while upgrading its function.