Garage Door Opener Repair


Garage door openers are designed with utility in mind. They enable residents to safely and conveniently open and close their garage doors without the need to leave their home or vehicle.

garage door opener repair and replacement by knecht ace overhead doors in vancouver wa and camas washingtonThe problem is that these components are only designed to be so durable. They will inevitably undergo wear and tear through normal usage, which in turn means that they will require maintenance and garage door opener repair.

Knecht Ace Overhead Doors specializes in providing electric garage door opener repair and other services designed to facilitate the proper function of garage doors for residents. We offer our services in a way that allows our customers to make the informed decision that allows them to receive the work they feel is necessary.

Broken Garage Door Opener Repair

The most evident cause of failure in electric garage door openers revolves around wear-and-tear issues. The motors, while designed to be durable, must pull a heavy load up and down with each opening and closing of the garage door.

As regular use ensues, the motor will eventually fail. Components like belts and chains can also fail due to excess wear.

Another reason for electric garage door opener repair revolves around the amount of maintenance the opener has received. Oil and minor repairs can prevent catastrophic failure to the door. It can also help reduce the damage that other components may suffer as the result of opener failure.

Damage to the drive unit is another reason that a garage door opener may break. Track misalignment of the overhead garage door may cause an uneven amount of force to be applied to the garage door opener, which in turn may cause it to prematurely break.

Garage Door Opener Replacement and Repair

Garage door opener repair aims to solve the issues associated with garage doors. It can revitalize a worn garage door drive system, which in turn can save money and prevent the need for the entire system to be replaced.

The one point to understand is that garage door issues, especially those involving a failing garage door opener, seldom get better on their own. They often become worse, which in turn means that they require more time and money to properly fix.

This is why we stress that seeking electric garage door opener repair promptly is one of the most important things for our customers to do. Waiting tends to result in costlier and inconvenient issues arising.

To learn more about garage door opener repair, or to schedule an appointment to have one of our experienced technicians diagnose your garage door’s condition, contact Knecht Ace Overhead Doors at (360) 980-1503. We are here to help you with anything and everything related to garage doors.