Garage Door Opener Installation


While there are many things that can be considered a modern convenience, garage door openers are among the most important of those things. They provide for a simple and effective way to open and close a garage door without leaving the comfort and safety of a vehicle.

garage door opener installation in camas wa vancouver battle ground and hazel dell washington by knecht ace overhead doorsThis convenience becomes even more attractive on days when the weather doesn’t want to play nice, or when a resident lives in a neighborhood that could have dangers lurking outside at night time.

As one of the leading garage door companies in the area, we provide garage door opener installation. The technicians at Knecht Ace Overhead Doors are capable of installing a number of different types of garage door openers, which in turn allows our customers to have the greatest ability to find keyless garage door opener entry systems that match their lifestyles.

Types of Garage Door Openers

There are two main components in most garage door opener systems: the drive and the remote control.

The most common types of drives include:

  • Chain Drives – These are the standard and most common types of garage door openers. They utilize a robust chain-driven system to move the door. Given their design, this can make them both incredibly durable and fairly loud.
  • Belt Drives – Belt drives work similarly to chain drives but they utilize a belt instead of a chain. This leads to performance that is markedly quieter, but they do require regular maintenance and can be more expensive than chain drives.

Remote controls for keyless garage door opener entry systems remain relatively similar. They can be mounted in a vehicle or kept on a keychain. The only differences they may experience include their operating distance from the motor, battery life, security and additional features they may offer.

Expert Garage Door Opener Installation

Our garage door opener installation services are among the most professional and reliable in the area. We have the knowledge, tools and access to industry-leading parts to ensure we are capable of providing the best match of keyless garage door opener entry systems with your life.

The quality that puts us above the competition is our customer-oriented approach. We work with you to acquire the best results possible when putting in a new garage door opener.

To learn more about our garage door opener installation services, contact Knecht Ace Overhead Doors at (360) 980-1503 today.