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Garage doors can be opened using a variety of systems, which are designed to meet the varied needs of residents. We feel that matching our customer’s needs with the abilities of an opening system will provide the best value to our customers.

garage door opener installation in camas wa vancouver battle ground and hazel dell washington by knecht ace overhead doorsGarage Door Opener Installation

If your garage door is failing to close properly or takes an extended amount of time to open or close, it is likely that the door’s springs need to be repaired.

garage door opener repair and replacement by knecht ace overhead doors in vancouver wa and camas washington Garage Door Opener Repair

We can repair structural problems with doors, issues with moving parts and so on. Replacement is generally only required when the door is beyond repair.

garage door remotes installation and repair in vancouver wa and camas washington by knecht ace overhead doors Garage Door Remotes

Failure to properly maintain a garage door, shifts in the foundation of a home and damage to the garage door can result in the door tracks becoming bent.

keyless garage door entry systems in vancouver wa and camas washington by knecht ace overhead doors Keyless Garage Door Entry Systems

Keyless entry technology is popping up everywhere. From vehicles to homes, this technology is providing people with much more than just simple conveniences.

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Garage Door Openers

Vancouver WA – Battle Ground WA – Camas WA -Hazel Dell WA

Garage door openers provide new features to garage doors. They allow residents to open their garage doors from the convenience of their automobiles or inside of their own home.

Knecht Ace Over Head Doors provides cost-effective, reliable and quality door openers for our customers, as well as all the infrastructure required to complete installation. Our approach ensures that our customers have everything they need from a garage door opening system.

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We provide every garage door maintenance and repair service that our customers could desire with superior quality and a friendly, customer-oriented approach.

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The Benefits of a Garage Door Opener

Vancouver WA – Battle Ground WA – Camas WA -Hazel Dell WA

Garage door openers provide a number of unique benefits to the garage by simply allowing wireless and automatic opening of garage doors.

 1. Increased Security

The resident does not need to exit their vehicle to open the door, which in turn makes it harder for criminals to strike. Depending on the door opener, the door can also automatically halt movement if something is detected beneath the door, such as a child’s ball or a child.

2. Convenience and Comfort

Opening a garage door day after day can be tedious. It must be pulled up, then pulled down to close it. Openers offer increased comfort by skipping these tedious steps

3. Affordability

Door openers are affordable to have installed. We can use quality parts built rich with features while keeping costs reasonable.

Types of Garage Door Openers

There are three main types of garage door openers used in residential garage door opening systems. By understanding the differences in these openers, we hope our customers will be better informed to make a choice that suits their needs.

1. Belt-Driven Openers

Belt drive openers are similar to chain drives but run on a rubber belt and are virtually silent. Customers with attached garages may prefer belt-driven openers due to their reduced noise, and reliable performance. They do tend to be more costly than your standard chain drive opener.

2. Chain-Driven Openers

Chain drive openers are operated by a rotating metal chain. They are the most affordable option available, and are very durable, reliable and offer lasting performance. Due to the metal chain operating the system, this type of opener is on the noisy side. If you don’t mind the noise, this is the right fit for you.